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you should check your facebook! i messaged you !

Awh I’ll go through some messages now. xx


Made a prettier post to announce our store’s grand opening!

So far, we have donated $1424 to various cat shelters and rescue groups! For every 25 plushes we sell, we are able to send over a nice $250 chunk of change to wonderful people that save the lives of helpless cats. Today we opened up our online store, where you can purchase 10” printed plush kitties, as well as catnip toys!

As of this posting, we have 2769 followers. When we reach 3000 we will do a little giveaway to celebrate our wonderful supporters! In the meantime, shop for a new squishy friend and help us help kitties!

Also visit our website to read the cats’ stories!

Thank you to all of the wonderful people that help spread the word about us! Hug your kitties for us!

Miss you

You're actually the most beautiful person I've ever seen and I hope to meet you one day. :*

Oh my gosh thank you so much! I’d love to meet you! xx

Just a mutual but I love how caring you are! You're the sweetest thing ever love! xx

Awh day made! You’re so incredibly lovely. xx

Miss you sweetie! 💕

Awh, who may this be? xx

It was too hard to tell what you wanted. You were very easy to be around but it just felt like you were absent when I tried to converse outside of that. I liked you but I couldn't at the same time. I know if we were to talk again that you woukd just disappear like you always do.

The absence is not willing, it’s something I struggle with. I apologise. 

Alright guys listen up!


The Newton County animal shelter in Indiana is going to be shut down.

Why is this such a big deal? Because It’s a no kill shelter.

Newton County does not want to fund a no kill shelter anymore.

The dogs in there have until August 1st, until they are killed.

So people need to adopt them, or help fund it, and get it to $3000.